Amsterdam has changed a lot since airbnb tourism flooded our city. On this website we collect the stories of it’s citizen.

Amsterdam has less then 1 million locals. In 2008 about 4,5 million tourists visited our city. Ten years later 18 million tourists came to our town. In 2030 we expect 32 million tourists. No wonder the sentiment about tourism is changing.

Overtourism and it’s direct and indirect effects are not only a local problem but part of a large global issue, potentially capable of destroying everything we hold dear. That is why we picked English over Dutch on our website. However, a lot of the Tweets we embed in our website will be in Dutch as they come from locals. Please note that there are no native English speakers writing the tales on this website, so please bear with us and feel free to point out our mistakes and typing errors.

How to contribute

Start sharing your photo’s and video’s of the effects of overtourism in Amsterdam with us! Getting your content to us is easy. Just Tweet your picture or video with hashtag #WTA020 and if it is relevant to our purpose, we will feature it on our website.

If you rather write an opinion piece, column or other article you can e-mail it to us. Make sure it is in English and be aware that we don’t guarantee publication. We don’t publish anonymous articles. Photo’s need to be free of copyright, have the name of the photographer, the date and location. We don’t host video’s on our website but we can embed Youtube or Vimeo video’s if you send us the link.



We mainly publish embed public tweets and video’s on our website because it is fast and easy, and it shows the source of the post: giving credit where credit is due by default.

If we post one of your articles or photo’s directly, you are giving us the right to publish. Ofcourse we will name you as the author and/or photographer and link to your personal website if we have a link. The copyright stays yours and we don’t require exclusive publicity rights.

If we place articles of newspapers or other media, we only will place 1 paragraph max, usually the lead and link to the original post for the rest of the article. We don’t want to take credit for your writing, just refer to it as being interesting and worth reading.